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During a WeNote, Julien will anchor the participants in a common purpose, listening and adapting to them.  The participants will be part of the process and will drive the WeNote versus passively listening to a story. Julien will create the picture of what could be and the participants determine how to get there, allowing them to bring their individual strengths and perspective to the challenge. It is a baton pass…a seamless energy trade that allows the recipient to accelerate forward. 

The participants are left with a desire to act on something important to them.

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WeNotes Explained

Decoding The WeNote Experience

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Julien has inspired over 10,000 business professionals and leaders around the world, from Fortune 500 to grassroots organizations.

The WeNote Process

Get ready to experience a journey like no other with Julien’s engaging WeNotes! Far more than just a traditional keynote, WeNotes rethink the way you engage, participate, and connect with a speaker’s message.

Once you choose Julien as your WeNote speaker, he will engage you and your team in a consultative approach that focuses on understanding your organization’s unique opportunities and learning agenda. Through key stakeholder interviews before the WeNote, to a follow up email to participants afterwards, Julien engages the participants through his 3 step process: prep-up, step-up and follow-up.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on strategic decision-making, team building, or cultivating an authentic leadership style, WeNotes can be tailored to your specific needs.

WeNotes - Key Topics

Julien offers 3 key themes of WeNotes as well as the opportunity to customize based on the needs and goals of your organization.


Falling in Love with the Process

Inspiring and empowering your team to deliver extraordinary results.

Leading with a Growth Mindset

Together, let’s ensure your team is operating with the right mindset to deliver key priorities.


Future Proofing your Team

Ensuring your team is equipped with the right tools to navigate the challenges of tomorrow.


Customize your Own WeNote

Let’s create a WeNote to tackle your organizational goals and ambitions


Key Topic 1

Getting to Thank You

Unleash the Power of Gratitude

Ideal for: Corporate leadership teams, professional conferences events & organizational development programs

Join Julien LeBlanc, renowned leadership coach, in his best-selling WeNote, ‘Getting to Thank You,’ as he takes you on a  journey of gratitude and appreciation. In this engaging session, Julien shares the secrets to fostering a culture of appreciation, cultivating meaningful relationships, and unlocking the true potential of your team. Prepare to be inspired, uplifted, and equipped with practical techniques to express gratitude authentically. ‘Getting to Thank You’ is the ultimate guide to enhancing your leadership, strengthening connections, and building a thriving, motivated workforce.

Topics Covered:

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Key Topic 2

Unlocking Value with Partners

Collaborate, Innovate and Succeed

Ideal for: Corporate leadership teams, professional conferences events & organizational development programs

Embark on an exploration journey of collaboration and partnership with Julien’s captivating WeNote, ‘Unlocking Value with Partners!’ In this interactive session, Julien reveals the secrets to building successful alliances, fostering innovation, and leveraging the power of strategic partnerships. Get ready to unlock new growth and discover the immense value that collaboration can bring to your business. ‘Unlocking Value with Partners’ is your ticket to creating successful partnerships, driving innovation, and achieving unparalleled success.

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Topics Covered:

Key Topic 3

Why Should Anyone be Led by You?

Lead with Influence and Inspire with Purpose

Ideal for: Corporate leadership teams, professional conferences events & organizational development programs

Discover the key to impactful leadership and unlock your true leadership potential with Julien’s empowering WeNote, ‘Why Should Anyone Be Led by You!’ In this dynamic session, Julien challenges traditional notions of leadership and helps you uncover your unique leadership style. Prepare to ignite your leadership presence, inspire others with purpose, and become the leader that people want to follow. ‘Why Should Anyone Be Led by You’ is your compass to unlocking your authentic leadership abilities and making a lasting impact in your professional and personal life.

Topics Covered:

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WeNotes Testimonials

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