Navigating the Confidence Conundrum

For business performers and leaders, confidence is the ultimate ace up your sleeve. That unwavering belief that, regardless of the circumstances or pressure, you and your team possess the mettle to deliver the envisioned results is pure gold. You show up when it counts.

Six Thinking Hats – A Creative Problem Solving Roadmap

As shocking as this may sound, adults make, on average, 35,000 decisions a day (source: Sahakian, B. J. & Labuzetta, J. N. (2013)). Compare that to the 3,000 daily decisions a child makes and you have a pretty good answer to why it is so hard to decide what’s for dinner at the end of the day!

Keep Calm and Read On

hether you are pouring over grade 4 curriculum in an effort to become a homeschool teacher or you’re mapping out a pub crawl in the 5 rooms of your home, you are not alone. We, at blueprint, have been adjusting to this new normal with varying degrees of optimism, frustration, agility and confusion.

From Key to We: The Transformative Power of a WEnote

George Bernard Shaw wisely remarked, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” So, what defines an impactful keynote speaker? Is it their ability to merely deliver a presentation, or is it their capacity to inspire action?